Why is it called integrative acupuncture?

When we explain lines from the classics, we help you understand what that means in modern biomedical terms.  Conversely, as we teach the neurological basis and treatment strategy of medical acupuncture, we explain how Eastern medicine would articulate similar treatment principles and patho-mechanisms.  We don't just teach East and West side by side then expect students to do the integration themselves.  We teach you a completely integrative system. 

Our definition of integration applies strictly to practical integration.  For example when we teach electro-acupuncture, you will learn how different frequency affect different neuro-transmitter release based on scientific research, but you will also learn how to connect the electrodes using select channel and point pairing relationships based on canonical teachings. 

Our students tell us an integrative approach produced results faster and greater than the sum of its parts.  This program is meant for those that want the best of both worlds.


How is this program different from others?

1. There is a strong emphasis on neuro-palpation that is unique to this curriculum. 

2. You won't learn any new points.  We want you to master points you already learned in school by integrating classics and neuro-anatomy.

3. Cadaver-based anatomy lab help you develop 3-dimensional undestanding of needling depth and angulation.  

4. Experience the characteristic DeQi sensation unique for each point so you can recreate this sensation in your practice.

5. It gives a balanced appreciation of both Eastern and Western acupuncture, without emphasizing one system over another. 


I am in my first or second year, can I take your program?

The curriculum was designed for experienced acupuncturist and licensed health professionals that already practice acupuncture within their scope of practice.  Therefore the needling techniques taught is extremely advanced, no time is spared on reviewing the basics.  Only final year interns are accepted into the program.


Does your program teach acupuncture for sports medicine?

This is NOT an acupuncture program focused on sports medicine.  There are a number of excellent programs that already fill that niche.  Our program was designed to help general pracitioners improve their ability to treat neuro-muscular pain and neurological disorder using an integrated East-West acupuncture appraoch.  


Can I take modules separately or do I have to commit to the full program?

No commitment is required.  You can take the program at your own pace.

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