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Day 1: 9am-5pm
Introduction to Integrative Acupuncture
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi Sensation for Upper Extremity Part 1-2
Neurological Mechanism of Acupuncture

Day 2: 9am-5pm
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Upper Extremity Part 3-5
Upper Extremity Treatment Protocol Demonstration: Trigger Finger, De Quervain tenosynovitis, Medial/Lateral Epicondylitis, Tricep Tendinosis, Bicepital Tendinitis, Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Day 3: 9am-5pm
SMART Guideline: East & West Integration
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Neck & Head Part 1

Day 4: 9am-5pm

Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Neck & Head Part 2
Neck & Head Treatment Protocol Demonstration: Tension Headache, Migraine Headache, Cluster Headache, Neuropathic Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Facial Nerve (Bell's) Palsy, Cervicalgia



Day 5: 9am-5pm
Ling Shu Chapter 13: Channel Sinew & Cadaver Research
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Lower Extremity Part 1-3

Day 6: 9am-5pm
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Lower Extremity Part 4-5
Lower Extremity Treatment Protocol
Demonstration: Inversion Ankle Sprain,

Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinosis, Anterior/Posterior Shin Splint, Pes Anserine Tendinosis, Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome, Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome, Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis

Day 7: 9am-5pm
Entriggerment. Trigger Point & Nerve Entrapment
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Torso Part 1-2

Day 8: 9am-5pm
Neuro-stimulation & De Qi sensation for Torso Part 3
Torso Treatment Protocol Demonstration: Lumbabo, Sciatica, Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome, Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Upper & Lower Cross Syndrome.



Day 9: 9am-5pm
Introduction & Overview of 16 Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Syndromes
Differential diagnosis & protocols for Upper Extremity Entrapments: 1. Scalene Entrapment; 2. Radial Tunnel; 3. Posterior Interosseus Nerve; 4. Wartenburg Syndrome; 5. Pronator Teres; 6. Anterior Interosseous Nerve; 7.Carpal Tunnel; 8. Cubital Tunnel; 9. Guyon's Canal

Day 10: 9am-5pm
Differential diagnosis & protocols for Lower Extremity Entrapments: 10. Psoas Entrapment; 11. Meralgia Parathetica; 12. Piriformis Syndrome; 13. Adductor Tunnel; 14. Peroneal Tunnel; 15. Anterior Tarsal Tunnel; 16. Medial Tarsal Tunnel

Day 11: 9am-5pm
Acupuncture research for Central Neurological Conditions
TCM perspective on Neurological Disorders: Wind, Wei Syndrome, Du-Mai Pathology
Brunnstrom Staging-dependent assessment and treatment for Stroke Neuro-Rehab
MRI-verified Scalp Acupuncture

Day 12: 9am-5pm
Yin-Yang Balancing Acupoint-to-Acupoint Penetrative Needling (AAPN) for Spastic Paralysis
Electrically Evoked Sensory Volley for Motor Rehab
Proprioceptive Articular Sensory Nerve Needle Technique
Auricular Acupuncture for Neurological dysfunction.
Assessment and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson & Motor Neuron Disease


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