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The Neuro-Meridian training program has relocated to York Univeristy, as part of its Integrative Acupuncture-Advanced Practice Certificate.  For more information please visit http://hlln.info.yorku.ca/advanced-integrative-acupuncture-certificate-program/


Upcoming Workshops & Presentations


February 10-13 2018: Espai Gal la Placidia, Barcelona, Spain

Topic: Neuro-Meridian Acupuncture Intensive (Torso, Neck & Head)


April 14, 2018: American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Kansas City USA

Lecture Topic: Retracing the Channle Sinew (JingJin) from the Spiritual Pivot: Cadaver Dissection Study

Workshop Topic: Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Entrapments with Electro-Acupuncture


May 14-18, 2018, American Neuro-Acupuncture Institute, Santa Fe, USA

Topic: Peripheral Nerve Modulation for CNS Disorders


October 28, 2018: International Congress: Order des Acupunctueru du Quebec, Montreal

Topic: Cadaveric Evidence of the Role of Neuro-Anatomy in Classical Channel Theory


Past Workshop & Presentations


June 7, 2017: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bathesda, USA

Topic: Neuro-anatomical Acupuncture for Knee Pain


May 7, 2017: Acupuncture Council of Ontario

Topic: Clinical Applicaton of Neuro-Anatomical Acupuncture Integrating Classical Channel theory.


March 9-12, 2017: Espai Gal la Placidia, Barcelona, Spain

Topic: Neuro-Meridian Acupuncture Intensive (Upper & Lower Extremity)


February 11-13, 2017: Order des Acupuncteur du Quebec, Montreal, Canada

Topic: Classical Channel Palpation and Neuro-acupuncture Technique


October 15-16, 2016: Ohio Medical Acupuncture Society, Cincinnati, USA

Topic: Integrative Acupuncture for Neuro-Rehabilitation


February 29, 2016: Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Acupuncture Division

Topic: Electroacupuncture Strategy for Peripheral Nerve Impingement Syndromes


October 2-4, 2015: Grupo De Estudos De Acupunctura Neurofuncional (GEANF), Porto Alegre, Ro Grand Do Sul, Brasil

Topic: Assessment and Treatment of Peripheral Entrapment Syndromes with Electroacupuncture


September 26-27, 2015: World Federation Acupuncture Society Symposium Workshop, Toronto, Canada

Topic: Confirmation of Neelde Precision with Neuro-Anatomy and Electrical Stimulation. 


June 14, 2015: Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toronto

Topic: Channel Plucking from the LingShu


April 24-26, 2015: American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Annual Symposium, St. Louis.

Presentation Topic: The Missing Link: Neuro-Anatomy of Pre-TCM Point Location

Workshop Topic: Channel Plucking and Advanced Needling from the Spiritual Pivot


October 5, 2014: Eight Branch Academy of Eastern Medicine, Toronto

Topic: Channel Plucking from the LingShu


July 13, 2014: Shiatsu School of Canada, Toronto.

Topic: Channel Plucking from the LingShu


June 21-22 2014: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-Chicago Campus hosted CE event.

Topic: Classical Channel Palpation & Neuro-acupuncture Techniques


June 8 2014: Omega Health & Fitness Professional Development Event, Toronto

Topic: Neuro-Acupuncture Techniques for Motor Rehabilitation


May 23-25 2014: International Contemporary Acupuncture Symposium, Toronto

Topic: The value of electrical stimulation in unifying TCM and contemporary acupuncture perspectives


March 16 2014: Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine hosted CE event

Topic: Channel Palpation from the Nei Jing


Feb. 8-9 2014: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-New York Campus hosted CE event, New York

Topic: Advanced Palpation and Needling of Systematic Classic (Jia Yi Jing) Point Locations


Nov. 22 2013: Guest Lecturer Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Residency Program, Toronto

Topic: Electro-acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Neuromyofascial Pain


Sept. 27-29 2013: Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium, Toronto

Topic: Advanced Needling Technique of Canonical Acupuncture Points

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