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Patients mostly seek acupuncture for neuro-muscular pain conditions.  Yet the typical TCM acupuncture curriculum emphasizes internal medicine at the expense of physical medicine skills.  This continuing education program aspires to fill this void in clinical training.

Eastern medicine reveres ancient canons as the highest authority whereas Western medicine esteems peer-reviewed journals as the gold standard.  Therefore we integrated medical canons with scientific research to create a program that preserves the core values unique to each system.

This is an advanced program that trains clinicians to possess the critical and manual skills to treat a wide variety of neuro-muscular pain and neurological conditions.  Our mission is to prepare acupuncture clinicians to become experts in integrative pain medicine.

Program Highlights

  • Learn authentic (pre-TCM) point locations from the Inner Classic and Systematic Classic
  • Learn applied acupuncture point anatomy during cadaver lab practicals
  • Learn precise palpation, exact intention and expected DeQi response for each point
  • Line-by-line NeiJing analysis for pain-related treatment strategies
  • Learn needling techniques used by anesthesiologists and medical acupuncturists

CE Approval

Naturopath: 2-TCM, 1-Physical Therapy, 7-General.

Acupuncture: NCCAOM 66 PDA/CEU


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